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Thursday, October 02, 2008

No Torso - Live at Blindern October 2006


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

According to Orange county ska & R.A.S.H. the Second Singer of Inspector 7 and Hub City S. Travis Nelson known as Blacky shamrock. Turned into a informer Closet Nazi W.P. who Made Secret Deals with Aryan nation to work Against the Latino ska scene.

R.A.S.H. has Proof photos of Travis Nelson Singer of I7/HCS Wearing a Nazi Screwdriver Shirt singing on Stage at a Secret W.P. Show Somewhere in Chicago sometime ago to appease his Nazi cohort friends. What’s the Deal with that? we Didn’t know he was a two faced fence walker like that?

We Guest R.A.S.H. was right all along.

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